• Quick and Easy to Set Up.
  • Intuitive and Easy to Use
  • Access Anywhere
  • Multiple Users
  • No Contract Tie In





Simple Easy to Use Interface & Search

Easy to Add or Edit Booking

Text & Email Auto Reminders

Keep Customer & Vehicle History

Create and Print Job Cards

Create / Print Courtesy Car Docs

Creat / Print Invoices


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The Benefits to You.

ICOMSSV Garage & Vehicle Management Software - Helping You:

Look Professional.

As well as doing a good job for your customers people now expect and gain confidence from added value and a professional modern approach. ICOMSSV lets you provide customers with reminders, allows you to keep detailed history of their vehicles and provide professional printed invoices and documentation.

Keep Customers.

Add value to your service in the same way larger garage operations manage customers relations and keep your customers coming back by using ICOMSSV Messenger automated MOT and Service reminders as well as keeping accurate easy to access records.

Increase Turnover & Profitability.

Customer retention is a major issue in today’s market place – ICOMSSV will help you improve communications with customers and managing appointments and admin more efficiently. Helping you see your business grow and improve profitability.


.Improve Performance.

ICOMSS software’s Easy to use booking screen will quickly help to manage bookings for new and existing customers. Instantly create system Job / Work Cards from which you can manage all administrative tasks.


Reduces Costs.

Reduce wasted time looking up customer details, vehicle details / history. Reduce numbers of customers failing to make appointments. Reduce expensive landline to mobile calls.

Generate Business.

ICOMSSV has the provision to send group texts or emails. Telling customers of special offers or new services etc.. thus helping generate additional business.

Have Peace of Mind.

Knowing that your data and information is safe – regular daily backups, systems are managed by software and data centre engineers plus quick response to support issues.

What You Get

When You Use ICOMSSV Garage & Vehicle Management Software

WITH 2 SYSTEMS TO CHOSE FROM  – Upgrade or Downgrade at Any Time

ICOMSSV is designed to help make running your garage and vehicle servicing easy, without you needing to have any great knowledge of IT or software. Just a couple of basic things and the rest, as you will see, is intuitive in that it becomes obvious what you need to do next.

We are so confident that customers will like ICOMSSV software that it comes with NO CONTRACT (no 12 month or long term contracts simply pay on a monthly basis and opt out at any time with no penalties or tie inns). There’s an online help section with tutorials and more, as well as included email and phone support.

Initial on site help and support is available should it be required. (Note: this may involve a pre agreed price depending on your location). We can alternatively use remote access support technology to help you get set up and running should you need it..

Use ICOMSSV Anywhere – Have Multiple Users.

ICOMSSV is “cloud hosted”, which means you can use it wherever you have internet access.

That’s really convenient for any size garage or automotive business from small to large, especially if you have staff in different locations within your operation.

The fact ICOMSS is cloud based also allows you to have multiple users without the need for any office based PC networking. SO all your PCs / workstations are working with the same core system.

It also means that, if your computer crashes or breaks down (a real problem for small and medium sized businesses) the data and information for your company is safe – because it’s hosted and managed on our secure servers.

Quick & Easy to Set Up

Because ICOMSSV is online, there’s no download required. You just need to register to get started using your new system. Then just log in from your PC, Laptop, iPad, smartphone or any internet web based device and begin using it.

Easy to Use

View Bookings - Update Details - Set Reminder Dates- Look Up Client & Vehicle Details.

A Simple Click – Add New Booking

If your happy with our default settings for your system you can start adding bookings straight away. Though we usually recomend setting up a user as a first step. ONE CLICK AND YOUR AWAY. Simply click Add New Booking at the top of any day and the system will make you aware what to do next.

Job Card is Created ( View, Edit & Print )

Once you have added either an existing customer or added a new one as well as vehicle details and any notes for the job click save and you will see the booking added as an amber edged box on the day selected.

Clicking the booking box will open the JOB CARD WINDOW from which you can:

Add / Edit information –
Print out a hard copy to go to the technician or engineer.
Add information relating to courtesy cars and print documentation.
Create an invoice and print out.

Send Text and Email Reminders ( & Auto Sends Day Before )

From your customers Job Card you can also send a text and / or an email straight away ensuring your customer has the details in their phone or device.

The system will automatically send a text and / or an email reminder the day before the booking helping your customer and helping you to ensure that the vehicle arrives on time for servicing.


Handle Courtesy Cars from the Job Card

As mentioned – you can set up courtesy cars in your system which will be available each day. The system can then help you manage and monitor courtesy car availability at any given time.

Update MOT and Service Renewal Dates
( Auto Sends Text and Email Reminders )

The Job Card also has the MOT and Services dates. So when a job is done these can be updated say for when the MOT is next due. The system will then send a text and / or email 30 days and 15 days prior to the due date. Saving you time and energy having to do this manually.

View MOT and Services Due Screen.

The View screens showing MOT, Service and Warranty renewals. These screens show due dates in the next month, present month days and those past the due dates. Enabling you to manage work loads and view who is due for Service, MOT or Warranty. The system automatically sends text and or email reminders and also has an option to print out a reminder for any customers who prefer postal reminders.

If you are using ICOMSSV Manager You can also see those customers who are now booked in for MOT or service.

Simple Garage Customer & Vehicle Management

Stay Connected to Your Customers & Keep them Informed

Customer & Vehicle Database ( CRM )

ICOMSSV keeps all details of your customers their vehicles and records of all work carried out, pricing and important dates for reminders.

Powerful Search / Look Up

The system has an easy to use search / look up facility making it easy to find infomation fast.

Send Text and / or Email Instantly of Automated .

ICOMSSV is allows you to send text and / or emails to customers as well as automated reminders for service, warranty and MOT’s

Send Group Texts and / or Emails

ICOMSSV has a group send facility so you can send all your customers details of special offers or up and coming events. THe group facility also allows you to allocated customers to groups – eg if you are a main dealership then a specific group can be set up for that for direct marketing.

Use or View on PC, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile Phone, iPad, iPhone.

View and work on your ICOMSSV system on a PC, Laptop, Tablet /iPad or Mobile Phone. Adaptive technology and design help the system to adapt to varying screen resolutions,

Create a Professional Business Experience.

Customers have far greater expectations in todays market place, By providing professional text reminders and well presented documentation at no extra cost to your customers helps develop customer confidence and return business.

ICOMSSV (What our clients have to say)

“We have been using ICOMSS V Garage Management systems now for over 2 years. The system is now invaluable for providing information to all departments, ensuring repeat business and substantially reducing telecom costs. The system provides instant look up facilities and allows us to directly text customers with information. The new bookings and job card capabilities are exceptional – THE WHOLE SYSTEM IS SO EASY TO USE would highly recomend “
G.S Garage Services & MOT Ltd (London)