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Customer & Vehicle Management

Easily add or edit customer / company details check check
Add or edit vehicle details including MOT, Service & Warranty Dates check check
Link Vehicle to customer check check
Automaticaly send text and, or, email reminders prior to due dates check check
View service, warranty or MOT’s due in the following month and current month check check
Update due dates quickly and easily. check check

Powerful and Easy to Use Search and Lookup Facility

Search via any customer or vehicle field check check
Keep simple vehicle service / repair history check check
Advanced vehicle service / repair history including review full job card details, view invoices and documentation. negative check

Marketing Texts and, or, Email

Create Groups for marketing – ie All customers, Lotus Customers, Business Customers check check
Send marketing texts and emails (permission based) eg – Special offer on winter servicing…… check check
View listings of all texts / emails sent. Also on customer view (view all messages sent) check check
Send instant text or email to update customers – save on expensive phone calls check check

Calendar Booking & Job Management Facilities

Click to add new or existing customer booking negative check
Easy add new or existing customer details negative check
Instantly view booking box in 7 day calendar view negative check
Colour coded booking box to easily see status of job negative check
Click box to view full job card negative check
Manage courtesy cars and documentation negative check
Create and print doucments – pdf or paper – email to customers or print out negative check
Text and or email instant booking confirmation and day before booking reminders. negative check

Text & Email Messaging

Automated MOT, Warranty and Service Reminders check check
Instant text and email messaging check check
Instant booking text and emailing negative check
Day before booking reminder text and emailing negative check
Ability to view MOT & Service reminders who have now booked vehicle in negative check

Printed Documentation

Print job cards – pre populated customer, vehicle and job details negative check
Print courtesy car documents if required negative check
Create and Print multi line invoice negative check
Print daily or weekly booking schedule negative check

ICOMMS UK Support Services

Email and ticket support check check
Remote access support check check
Phone support check check
Data centre server support engineers 24 x 7 monitoring check check
Site visits available for help with setup if required * check check
Support for initial import of data to help with initial population of your system check check
Secure data cloud services (keeping your data and information safe( check check
Cloud b ackup facilities for all data daily, weekly and monthly. check check
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(inc VAT)


£35.94 / Month
(inc VAT)


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