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Simple Easy to Use Interface & Search

Easy to Add or Edit Booking

Text & Email Auto Reminders

Keep Customer & Vehicle History

Create and Print Job Cards

Create / Print Courtesy Car Docs

Creat / Print Invoices


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[1] Easy Set Up

ICOMSSV Garage Management can be...

UP AND RUNNING IN MINUTES, simply supply some basic details then you will be taken to GoCardless to set up a monthly direct debit, which you remain in control of at all times. And keep in mind, we are so confident you will like this software, that there is no contract, you can opt out, if you wish, at any time.

Once this has been done you will instantly be able to use all aspects of your system including bookings, sending text and email reminders.

IMPORT DATA SERVICE – We also provide an IMPORT DATA SERVICE, so if you can send us a CSV file of your customers we can get you jump started by doing an initial import to your system.

[2] Diary ( Week View Bookings ) Home Screen.

Once you are set up you can now start adding bookings to the calendar bookings home screen.

HELP & SUPPORT – ICOMSS provide over the phone support, combined with remote access, to help you familiarise you with the system and help you customise aspects of your software. If you prefer we can also provide an on-site visit, though there may be a nominal charge depending on location. Please speak with a representative for more details.

USER MANUAL – We also supply active on demand help files in every section as well as a short easy to follow manual.


HOW TO START – Simply click ADD NEW BOOKING and add booking box pops up.

ADD EXISTING / ADD NEW BOX allows you to select the customer and their vehicle / vehicles are displayed on the right for you to select. If cutomers isnt in the system you can quickly add them and their vehicle at this point.

COLOUR SCHEME BOX – Once saved you will see an amber framed box in the window. The colour scheme box frames help you to see at a glance what is pending, when a vehicle is on site, if vehicle is late or when a job is closed off.

JOB CARD – Simply Click the box to view the JOB CARD and see all details of the customer, vehicle and job details.

Customer will get text and or email straight away if selected and will get an AUTOMATED TEXT / EMAIL the day before to remind them of their booking details.

[4] View Job Card Window

Clicking the box of any booking will bring up the Job Card Window from which all aspects of the booking, customer and vehicle can be updated.

From here you can:

Change booking details
Update job details
Change job status
View / update / print job card s
View / update customer details
View / update vehicle details including reminder dates.
Assign and manage courtesy cars + print documentation.
Create and print invoice
This record once closed remains with the vehicle history for reference or to re print documents.

[5] Customisable Printed Documentation

ICOMSS From the job card window you can craete pdf documentation to print out or, in the case of emails, email to customers.

Printed job card documentation can be easily produced so technicians can update job information as work progresses this can then be used to update the job card in your icomssv system.

Printed / Pdf documents consist of:

Job Card Paperwork .
Courtesy car paperwork
Invoice PDF and print out .
Customise Documents – You can upload your logo or adjust settings to use pre printed paper.


ICOMSSV Giving Your Business a Professional Profile

[6] View MOT, Service & Warranty Due Lists

View Your Services Reminders Lists.

Simply click the services link and you will see the service, MOT and warranty reminders list screen.

This shows all customers who’s services dates are due, showing 30 days ahead, current 30 days and those who’s due date has passed.

The system table also shows an icon when a customers has booked in.

Note. A Reminder Text and or Email is automatically sent 30 and 15 days prior to renewal dates. Unless booked in, in which case teh second remonder is not sent.

[7] Search / Look Up - Customers, Vehicles, Service History

ICOMSSV Garage service software has a powerful search / look up facility allowing you to search details based on any search criteria such as customer name, address, post codes, vehicle details etc. Helping you to reduce waisted time looking for contact or vehicle detilails.

You can also browse alphabeticaly or search based on make and model to give maximum flexibility for finding information in your ICOMSS system.

[8] Customise Aspects of Your System.

Each ICOMSSV system has its own administration section where you can:

Update System Settings.
Which includes editing you company name address and contact details. Also here you can adjust automated text message details and change labels to suit your own business. e.g. Change a system description from Customers to Clients etc. You can adjust settings for your invoice layout. You can even change the colour scheme of your system.

Change Admin Password.
Set Up Courtesy Cars.
Manage Users and Access Levels.
Purchase SMS Credits.
Job Types – ie add / edit you own job type descriptions – MOT, Service, Repair, Warranty etc.
Upload Your Logo.
View ICOMSS Subscription Invoices

[9] Add Staff Holidays / Sick Days / Bank Holidays - to Booking Calendar

To help you better manage your garage service centre resources and staff resources you can now add staff holidays, sick days as well as bank holidays in the admin section of the icomssV system. This helps prevent inadvertently booking vehicles in when the garage is closed or overbooking if key technical or engineering staff are unavailable.

ICOMSSV Garage Management Software – Helping you to better manage your services and add value for your customers.

[10] Text (SMS) Message Reminders and DVLA Look Up Facilities

The ICOMSSV system tries to allow you to use and pay for ONLY what you need. Hence you can purchase bulk quantities of text messages from 100 to 2000 (the larger the bundle the cheaper the text). Remember better spend a few pence to send a reminder than for a customer to forget their booking. Note: Emailing facilities for reminder or update messages are included in monthly cost.

The ICOMSSV team have also introduced a new DVLA Vehicle Look Up Facility so that customer vehicle details can be accurately captured by adding the vehicle registration. You can purchase DVLA look up credit bundles and use as required. Bearing in mind that the ICOMSSV management system also has comprehensive listings of all vehicle makes and models (updated regularly) so you can, if you prefer, add details manually at no extra cost.

[11] Send Group Text and/or Emails

ICOMMSV Garage Management Software has a group sending facility used to link Customers and Vehicles to potential specialised marketing offers or deals that the company is offering. It is a more efficient and effective method of contacting many people quickly.

For example, for any customer who owns a Vauxhall, an offer may be made that gives them a 10% service discount if booked before a certain date. In order to process the deal, details will have to be sent, emailed or texted to all Vauxhall customers. Therefore, if the customer file was able to be searched quickly for all customers who owned a Vauxhall car then this could be done in a more timely manner. ICOMSSV allows you to create and manage customised lists then send via text or email to all on the list. A default list of all customers has proved popular with many users to date.

[12] Reporting

ICOMMSV Garage Management Software – MANAGER can provide reports based on information you have added. At present if a user requires a report they can request the report facility be set up for their own system. For instance if invoicing is being used then a simple report showing such aspects of total income with breakdown of parts and labour might be useful for a garage owner.

Basic reports or log files are available under the send log menu and report details of text and email messages sent can be obtained under each customer listing.


Professionally Manage Your Customer & Vehicle Services.
Keep Your Customers Coming Back for MOT, Servicing and Repairs.


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Low cost, cloud based system
No long term contract tie in’s.
Multi users with no additional licenses
Upgrade or cancel at any time
Excellent email and support services 24 x 7
Secure data and information management.

If you are not satisfied after 30 days, initial month will be fully refunded on request.

ICOMSSV (What our clients have to say)

“We have been using ICOMSS V Garage Management systems now for over 2 years. The system is now invaluable for providing information to all departments, ensuring repeat business and substantially reducing telecom costs. The system provides instant look up facilities and allows us to directly text customers with information. The new bookings and job card capabilities are exceptional – THE WHOLE SYSTEM IS SO EASY TO USE would highly recomend “
G.S Garage Services & MOT Ltd (London)