• Quick and Easy to Set Up.
  • Intuitive and Easy to Use
  • Access Anywhere
  • Multiple Users
  • No Contract Tie In





Simple Easy to Use Interface & Search

Easy to Add or Edit Booking

Text & Email Auto Reminders

Keep Customer & Vehicle History

Create and Print Job Cards

Create / Print Courtesy Car Docs

Creat / Print Invoices


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ICOMMSV MESSENGER – IN BRIEF – Sends automated text and email reminders 30 and 15 days prior to due dates. It also has screens showing you when customer vehicles are due for service or MOT. Messenger also allows you to keep a brief vehicle history updated each time you service or repair the vehicle.

MESSENGER IS THE PERFECT MARKETING TOOL to KEEP YOUR CUSTOMERS COMING BACK to you. Built with simplicity in mind. Once you have entered the basic information the automated system will do the rest.

Most people are only too grateful when someone else reminds them of important service, MOT or renewal dates.


Essentialy The Bullet Points Below Outline How The System Works.

  1. Sign up then enter your details for direct debit into our Go-Cardless Secure Payment Setup – Click here for more details.
    30 day rolling contract so your not tied in to any long term commitment.
  2. Set up names of customers including their email and mobile phones and add related vehicles – or import a spreadsheet customer list
  3. Set renewal dates (SMS and Email will be sent 30 and 15 days prior to the due dates)
  4. Purchase SMS packages (100 – 2000), these can be purchased directly from your system.
    (text prices vary from 10p / text to 4.5p / text depending on quantity purchased)
  5. SMS and Email reminder messages will start to get sent to your customers with their car registration and your contact number so they can book the vehicle in or can renew the service.
  6. System can aslo send manual SMS or Email messages to customers – eg Your car service is completed and is now ready to pick up. Saving you money dialing mobile numbers from landlines.
  7. System also keeps a simple log of each activity carried out on the vehicle, helping you to stay up to date with the vehicle history.
  8. Can be accessed from any PC, Laptop, tablet or modile internet browser. Multiple users.


[1] Easy Set Up

UP AND RUNNING IN MINUTES, simply supply some basic details then you will be taken to GoCardless to set up a monthly direct debit, which you remain in control of at all times. And keep in mind, we are so confident you will like this software, that there is no contract, you can opt out, if you wish, at any time.

Once this has been done you will instantly be able to use all aspects of your system including adding clients and vehicle details, adding reminder dates, sending text and email reminders.

IMPORT DATA SERVICE – We also provide an IMPORT DATA SERVICE, so if you can send us a CSV file of your customers we can get you jump started by doing an initial import to your system.


[02] View / Look Up - Customer & Vehicle Details

After you login you can see your customer listings. ICOMSSV has a powerful easy to use search facility so you can search for customers based on any criteria name, address etc.

Clicking view will open all the details of that customer and show their vehicles.

The software is very intuitive so requires no real training. Just start adding details and the system does the rest. NOTE. If you have a database of customers / vehicle in any kind of digital format ICOMSS can do an initial import for you to help you get up and running fast.


[03] Adding / Editing - Customer & Vehicle Details

By clicking the view link on the customer list you will see the customer information and vehicle details. From here you can edit customer details at any time.

Clicking the vehicle link will bring up all the details and renewal dates as well as the vehicle service history based on the information you have added each time the vehicle has been MOT’d, serviced, repaired or had warranty added or renewed.

Note: As well as a customer listing page the system also has a vehicle listing page – so you can do a search based on vehicle details.

Updating MOT, Service or Warranty dates of a vehicle will cause the system to automatically send a reminder by text and / or email 30 and 15 days prior to the renewal date.


[04] View MOT and Services Due and Current

By clicking on the SERVICES link in the header menu of your system you can view all customer vehicles that are due for MOT, Service or Warranty

NOTE: The screen shows calendar reminder groups:

30 Days in advance – Current 30 Days – Past 30 Days

So you can see at a glance everyone who’s renewal date is due and confirmation that text / email has been sent.

NOTE: PRINT REMINDER OPTION – There is also a link to print the details out so that you can also put a reminder in the post if you need to.

ICOMSSV Garage Messaging System – Helping You to Keep Your Customers Coming Back For – Servicing, MOT, Repairs & Warranties.

[05] Create Groups to Send Promotional Text / Email

This section allows you to set up and manage groups. So lets say you want to create a specific group for say a manufacturer or vehicle type like 4×4 or sports etc. You can then put together a promotional text and send it to that specific group.

The most popular is the All Customers group which allows you to send a promotional or informational message to all your customers. For instance: 20% discount on car servicing this month or 20% discount on tyres or (Car Make) owners 20% discount on servicing. Essentially anything you want to send out to any defined group can be managed by this simple marketing tool.

As your customer base increases you have the opportunity for some simple direct marketing. So why not utilise your customer information to help build your business.


Keep Your Customers Coming Back for MOT, Servicing and Repairs.


Click Here to Sign Up Now.

Low cost, cloud based system
No long term contract tie in’s.
Multi users with no additional licenses
Upgrade or cancel at any time
Excellent email and support services 24 x 7
Secure data and information management.

If you are not satisfied after 30 days, initial month will be fully refunded on request.

ICOMSSV (What our clients have to say)

“We have been using ICOMSS V Garage Management systems now for over 2 years. The system is now invaluable for providing information to all departments, ensuring repeat business and substantially reducing telecom costs. The system provides instant look up facilities and allows us to directly text customers with information. The new bookings and job card capabilities are exceptional – THE WHOLE SYSTEM IS SO EASY TO USE would highly recomend “
G.S Garage Services & MOT Ltd (London)